Craigslist excavator insanity

Not too long ago i placed an ad on Craigslist, looking for someone local with an excavator to do some side work digging out around my garage.   It was more of a fishing mission to see how cheap i could get this done but, it became rather entertaining as there were a few people that i pissed off with my approach.

The original ad was this…

Mini Excavator Job – $200 – Aug 17

I have a 2 car garage, 2 of the walls are caving in as the garage is 6 ft underground on the back and side with no proper drainage ever installed. Long story short….i need it dug out on the side and back all the way down to maybe a foot below the footer. It is likely up to 6ft deep, the dirt can just go right out and beside where you are digging, the whole way. Should be fairly easy for someone with the right equipment/experience. Paying $200 for the completed job.
And some of the great replies..

Bob V. – Aug 17
Where do 7 fuck heads come from. 200 doesn’t cover fuel. Get a pick and shovel that will only cost you 70.

He lost me at 7, i still don’t know what that first part meant.  Also, $70 for a pick and a shovel?

Chris S. – Aug 18
Good luck with that I wouldnt start my machie for that!

Lies i tell you!  I’d love to offer him $200 just to turn the key on it.
But, wait!  We’ve saved the best for last…
crenovationsllc – Aug 18
LOL ! YOU”RE paying $200 ? LOL ! That is mighty generous of you ! Since when do YOU get top set the price for someone else’s work & equipment ???????????????? Do you go into the gas station and tell them what you are going to pay for their gas ??????? And by the way deadbeat, There is a 4 hour minimum with a 1 hour delivery charge to have an excavator bring a machine to your house !!! $80 – $90 an hour is the going rate LOSER ! Where do you people come from ? $200 ? LOl ! LOl ! And I guess you expect the excavator to eat the time it takes to load the machine, drive to your place, unload, reload after finishing, and drive time back home, not to mention the fuel !!! Do you think a guy could afford the payments on a backhoe, a trailer, a truck to pull it, fuel, licenses, plates, & inspections on the truck & trailer, not to mention fuel and insurance, by spending 4 hours a day making $200 working for a deadbeat like you ? What the fuck is wrong with you ? Buy a shovel LOSER !!!!!!!
This guy is the winner!  As if i walked right up to him, spit on his excavator and told him $200 to dig my dirt and lick my boot!
Its nice to know that i can still offend people without even trying.  The replies had me laughing, but in the end i did get a fair share of replies from interested folks looking for side work and i ended up getting a great deal on the job.
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