Having a baby or getting kicked in the nuts?

My wife and I had a debate last evening which, in my opinion came down to a simple conclusion.  The debate was about the pain of delivering a baby and my wife proceeded to try and hold that pain high above everything else and declare that it was something a man could not handle.   I sort of laughed this off,  although I am aware that there is pain involved with delivering a baby…I have to keep in mind that this is a very normal event in the realm of  women and of the fact that over 130 million babies are born each year,  a portion of these women would likely have given birth without the use of a hospital, pain killers, comforts involved etc…which is technically how its been drawn up and achieved for thousands of years.  All complications aside, giving birth is by design.

There are many occasions where pain far exceeds that of giving birth as well as getting kicked in the testicles, one that quickly comes to mind would be a battlefield amputation during the Civil War.  Got shot in the arm?  Well, its getting cut off with a saw that’s been used to amputate multiple limbs prior to yours and may have been rinsed off with creek water if you’re lucky.  Bite on a leather strap, no pain killers please.  If you don’t bleed out, you’ll probably get an infection and either die from that or receive some additional amputation at no charge.  Ok, no more examples…the point is that there are plenty of things that are worse than both giving birth and taking a hit in the testicles.  But why this comparison always comes up is beyond me.

Nevertheless, the debate progresses with the usual back and forth.   None of my logic is taken seriously,  I conclude with the fact that you will sometimes hear “I want to have another baby” from a woman who has previously given birth.  But, you will never hear a guy say “Gee, i’d love to get smashed in the nuts again”

Case closed…flame on!

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